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Penguin was established in 1975 as an Ice making enterprise. In 1978 was diversified in to food distribution primarily with frozen vegetables and sea food for food service industry.

Forty Years later Penguin is a little different to what it was in 1975. But some things are the same, we still strive to provide excellent service and value to our customers. Since the early days of Distribution a few more strings have been added to the bow:

  • Importing and manufacturing.
  • Daregal - French herbs.
  • And there are the homegrown products like bait.
  • The original three staff have swelled to around thirty five

Why has Penguin managed to survive and grow?

  • We know Northland - we support our customers all year, not just at peak times.
  • We know Food.
  • We try to respond to what our customers need - our customers pay the bills, Penguin only handles the money.
  • We're local and employ staff locally and support local businesses where possible.
  • Like all humans - we make mistakes. But we take responsibility and fix them if possible, and we deliver over 99.1% of what our customers order.
  • Our membership of Foodfirst gives us the buying grunt we need as this is New Zealands biggest broadline distribution network with 18 members nationwide. National buying power
  • local service.

If you need food delivered to you in Northland and it's important to you that it arrives how and when you ordered it, and you want to deal with locals who care about your business - call us.


From our depot in Whangarei we service food businesses between Mangawhai and Kaeo. We understand how seasonal northland is and how important it is for you to have the stock and service you need to optimise the peak times.

Our order accuracy (DIFOT) usually exceeds 99%, this being world class. With a high level of human input, mistakes do happen now and then, but if we cause it (even if we don't) we will do all we can to put it right. We know that your business depends on us.

We put more vehicles on the road than any other distributor in the north and this allows us to offer a better service. Through our membership of Foodfirst (NZ's largest foodservice network) we offer central accounting for multi-site outlets as well as centralized administration for key accounts such as supermarkets and oil companies.

However we put a great deal of focus on our locally owned and operated business customers. Restaurants, takeaways, lunch bars, café's, dairies, hotels, caterers, schools, deli's, rest homes, service stations and any other food outlets - this is our market.

Quality doesn't cost - it pays.

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